30 Days of Band of Brothers | Day 18 ›› An underrated character

I don’t know if I’d really say that Malarkey is an underrated character, but I definitely don’t see as much about him as I do the other men. I guess he just kind of gets lost sometimes, but I really do love him so much. It honestly amazes me how much Malarkey changes from the beginning of the series to the end. We get to see this complete transformation from a man who laughs and jokes, to a man that’s more serious somehow. You can see in The Breaking Point how tired broken he is. He’s lost all of his closest friends, and after that he becomes hardened. In The Last Patrol, it still shocks me how much he’s changed. It’s almost like he has no spark in him anymore. No life. And it truly breaks my heart. But Malarkey really is an amazing man. After he lost Muck and Penkala, Winters offered him to come off the line and work as his runner for a few days. But even after Malarkey had lost those who were closest to him, he still wanted to stay with the men. And it’s that mentality, that these men would not leave their friends, their family, that really gets me.

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